Thursday, September 29, 2011

a community blog for North Arlington

Donaldson Run is a community blog from North Arlington.

Arlington has an old tradition known as the Arlington Way.  It is the tradition that Arlington is governed with tremendous input from the local communities, the neighborhoods, and the civil associations.  With time, the Arlington Way is evolving.  New media (blogs, twitter, social networks) is permitting the Arlington Way to become more interactive and become available to us all the time, everywhere.

Donalson Run is an experiment, attempting to bring an interactive Arlington Way to North Arlington.
Donaldson Run is your community blog.  My name is Robert Cannon.  I have lived in Arlington for over 20 years and in Washington DC all my life.  I hope to be the mere facilitator of this blog – hoping that it will become participatory with the community contributing and sharing information.

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