Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lost Dog: Holly, a 1.5year old Maltese, near 35th St and Military Rd

HOLLY Is a Missing dog Near You!

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Pet Infomation
Species: DOG
LOST: 6/26/2012
Primary color:ALL WHITE
Microchip #:985121013008973
Additional Information
Other Characteristics:
Medical Conditions:

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Our member guide, below, contains a few quick and easy steps you can take to ensure the safety and welfare of a lost pet.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Why I Unsubscribed from Arlington Alert @Arlingtonva @Arlingtonalert

It's simple: I dont live in Fairfax.

We live in a great era where urgent messages from your government can be delivered to you where ever you are on whatever device you have.  If there is something urgent you need to know, they can let you know.  You can also tailor those alerts to your specific concerns.  Instead of the old broadcast TV alerts which were for the entire Washington DC metropolitan area, you can have alerts specific to Arlington.  And if you work in Washington DC, you can subscribe to Washington D.C.'s alerts.  And if you never venture into Fairfax, you dont have to listen to Fairfax alerts.

I live in Arlington.  I dont work or live in Fairfax.  But repeatedly Arlington Alerts sends out alerts about Fairfax:
Arlington Alert: Fairfax CEAN reports: EB Little River turnpike closed at John Marr Dr for downed wires: Fairfax...
Now there are a couple of problems with this.  First, if you send out noise in your alert system, you train people to ignore your alerts (kind of like the old broadcast TV system - kind of like running too many fire drills so that everyone always just assumes "its just another drill"). You dont want people ignoring alerts.  Second, if you send out enough alerts, people will turn off your service.

Arlington Alerts regularly sends out alerts for places that are not Arlington.  Enough.  I have unsubscribed.  This is not good.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Cyclist Severely Injured by Bollard #bikedc @arlingtonva @MaryHynesArl @arlparksrec

As a followup to my previous post, the WASHCYCLE blog today reported the following:
One reader reports seeing a cyclist crash into one of the yellow bollards along the Mt. Vernon Trail in Alexandria yesterday around 6:00 pm. "The cyclist was bleeding from his left ear and the back of his head, and had some decent road rash on his left shoulder area.  After several minutes of us telling him not to move and that help was coming, he began to respond to voice, etc.  When the Meds showed up I told them that he was "out of it" when we first approached just so they wouldn't assume that he was "fine", because he appeared to have struck hid head quite hard."
Bollards, particularly steel bollards, are reckless and grossly negligent. 
- there should be no steel bollards
- there should be no bollards where cars cannot access the trail
- if a bollard is used, it should be plastic and break in an accident (the bollard should break, so that the cyclist does not)
- if a bollard is used, it should not be located in the lane of traffic (centered between lanes of traffic, not in lanes of traffic)
- if a bollard is used, it should be ADA compliant (wide enough for safe access)

Most of the time I see bollards, I am at a loss as to what they achieve.  Most of the time, its in a location a car cant get to.  When it is in a location that a car can get to... WHO CARES?  Meaning, the risk of a car driving on a bike trail is deminimis; the risk of a cyclists getting injured by a bollard is huge.  On balance, that means no bollards.