Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Helping Homeless Hounds

Local Dog Rescue group Homeward Trails has just launched its Helping Homeless Hounds Promotion.  We have a hound.  He is the Best. Damn. Dog. Ever! And with a hound, you never have to worry about letting intruders know you have a dog (trust me, they will know).  Hounds are the sweetest dogs, with built in couch magnets that can find the nearest couch at 200 yards!

Here's Homeward Trails promotion:
Did you know that Hounds are one of the most overlooked breed in shelters? Thousands are discarded by irresponsible hunters every year and most are euthanized in shelters immediately for no good reasons. We at HT want to promote these great dogs and all the great things they can bring to your family.
Please take a look at our great Hounds and the wonderful added benefits you will get if you adopt one! Blossom, Bentley, Colby Jack, Dahlia, Nate and Jacob.
So from now until August 31st, if you adopt a Hound through Homeward Trails you will not only get a wonderful, loving family member, you will also get:

-Free professional photo shoot of your pooch courtesy of Wags and Whiskers Photography www.wagsandwhiskersphoto.com
-$20 gift certificate to PetMAC (www.petmac.org)
- A complimentary weekend stay (including evaluation AND two nights stay) at Dog Paws University (www.dpncc.com)
- Free doggy goody bag
- Free 30 minute training phone consultation with trainer

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