Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are There CABI Stations Coming to N Arlington? Arlington Wants Your Input.

Have you noticed those red CABI bikes that are, well, everywhere?  Capital Bikeshare has been an amazing success.  Sponsored by Arlington County and the District of Columbia, CABI now has 175+ stations spread across Arlington, Washington, D.C, and Alexandria, with 1670+ bicycles.  You acquire an annual membership (or a day, three day, or month membership), and then you can borrow a bicycle for 30 minutes at a time, for as many 30 minutes as you want, over and over again, for free.  Borrow the bike for more than 30 minutes? Then there is a small fee, which gets bigger the longer you have borrowed the bike.  The system is designed for short trips - as an additional public transportation option.

But CABI's offerings have been limited.  In Arlington, it has been overlayed in areas already rich with public transportation options: The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, and Crystal City.  Arlington has developed a plan for expanding CABI - and wants your input.

Below is a Google Map of Arlington's expansion plans:

Green bikes are stations that already exist; red pins are part of the 2013 expansion; and yellow and purple pins need approvals.

To get feedback on the expansion plans, Arlington is 
  • meeting with Civic Associations, 
  • meeting with the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee, 
  • accepting feedback at, and 
  • accepting suggestions on the Crowdsourcing Map
Below is the list of Civic Association meetings.  Bike Arlington also has posted on its website the criteria for CABI station location selections.

Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting - 11/5/12 @ 7pm @ 2100 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting - 9/12/12 @ 7pm @ 2100 Clarendon Blvd
Alcova Heights - 9/20/12 @ 7pm @ Arlington Baptist Church (714 S. Monroe St.)
Arlington Heights - 8/14/12 @ 7pm @ Patrick Henry Elementary (701 S. Highland St.)
Arlington Ridge - TBD
Barcroft - 9/6/12 @ 7:30pm @ Community House (800 S. Buchanan St.)
Buckingham - 11/19/12 @ 7:30pm @ Location TBD
Cherrydale - 11/14/12 @ 7:30pm @ Cherrydale Fire Dept. (3900 Lee Hwy.)
Columbia Heights - 10/8/12 @ 7pm @ Walter Reed Community Center (2909 16th St. S.)
Douglas Park - 9/18/12 @ 7:30pm @ Location TBD
Fairlington - 10/10/12 @ 7pm @ Fairlington Community Center (3308 S. Staff St.)
Foxcroft Heights - 9/10/12 @ 7:30pm @ Sheraton (900 S. Orme St.)
Long Branch Creek - 9/5/12 @ 7:30 @ Clubhouse at the Park at Arlington Ridge (1800 S. 26th St.)
Lyon Park - 11/14/12 @ 7:30pm @ Lyon Park Community Center (414 N. Fillmore St.)
Nauck - 10/1/12 @7:30pm @ Drew Elementary (3500 23rd St. S.)
Nauck Revitalization Organization - 9/12/12 @5:30pm @ Our Lady Queen of Peace Church (2700 19th St. S.)
Penrose - TBD

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