Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life's Hard Choices - What Do You Meditate on?

There comes a time in all of lives when we are in uncharted territory.   We are off the edge of the map, amongst demons and monsters.  There is no sign post, no teacher, no parent - telling us which way to go.  We must stand up and we must chose a path.

Here, when confronted with life's hard questions - when we are unsure whether to turn left or to turn right - here we turn inward to our references. We turn to those things that we have meditated on.  We turn to those things with which we have nourished our souls for guidance.  It may be a song or a game.  It might be a religious teaching.  I could be a hero in a book that we once read or a poem.  It could be a lesson from an elementary school teacher. We turn to our references to guide us through uncertain waters.

What do you meditate on?

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