Wednesday, July 31, 2013

$400 mil.... for 10 streetcars... for 5 miles??? @arlingtonva ARE YOU INSANE???

We need a thorough cost benefit analysis of the Columbia Pike street car.  This makes no sense.  Buses are better.  Buses will not get stuck when something blocks the track.  Buses can change their routes whenever a new route is required.  Buses do not require another new transportation facility to maintain and repair the streetcars.  Buses do not require $1million stops (that dont work when its hot out). Buses do not have tracks in which bicycle tires can get stuck.  Buses connect to the subway system when the trolley reportedly would not. Buses would carry more people. Buses arent having problems getting federal funding. There is no way this is benefiting the people of Arlington who will be footing the bill.

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