Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pictures from Donaldson Run

First, the good news... most of the power appears to be back on.  Donaldson Run Pool has power, the pumps are operating, and they hope to have the pool open tomorrow.  I stopped by for a look and the pool looks good, if not strangely empty on the 4th of July.

When the storm came through, what we saw was a brilliant fireball of yellow burning from the next block over.  Apparently it was a power line that had landed on a car, causing an electrical fire, and melting the tires right off the car.  You can still see scorched rubber on the asphalt.  When the power kicked off, so did our local rendition of a micro-sun.

Up the street a power line lay on the ground marked by two police cones.  I suspect that's what did us in.  Down further on N Taylor a power pole snapped in half taking down a spaghetti of lines.   You can see below that the pole has been repaired by gluing a new pole right next to it.  I suspect there are a lot of quick fixes in place now.

Down near the park on N Utah was a picture of destruction: big tree down, smashed car, lines drooping from poles.

Up the street Vacation Lane remains blocked by a very large tree.  Two vehicles from Arlington County were there inspecting the situation. 
 Everywhere is littered little splinters of the former electrical / communications system.
Of course what is unseen from the road is the destruction in people's yards.  

Biking around this afternoon it was once again well into the 90s with a "feels like temp" of 100 degrees.  Some neighbors and I found a loose dog over on Military and Vacation Lane, a little Sheltie.  First, in heat like this, never leave a dog unattended in your yard.  A dog will suffer from the heat far too quickly.  But the owners of this dog... even in 100 degree heat, they did not even know there dog was missing.  *sigh*

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