Friday, October 26, 2012

No Bus for You! Even During a Nor'easter APS Says

The APS busing fiasco continues.  In this chapter, we visit APS busing during a hurricane + a nor'easter.  So, during a potential storm of the century (you know, the once in a 100 year storm we now get every year thank you very much climate change), will your student who walks to school be allowed to hop on a bus?  Nope.  Your student will be held at school until the storm clears..... which, um, since its a hurricane could be several days.

From the department of We-will-not-admit defeat:
Forecasters are predicting a Nor'easter for the Washington region on Mon, Oct. 29 and Tues, Oct. 30. In the event of severe weather during dismissal times, students who walk and bike will be asked to wait at school until the weather clears at which time they may proceed or arrangements are made for them to be picked up at school.
School officials will be monitoring the weather and will make decisions according to the APS inclement weather procedures. Inclement weather decisions will be communicated via email through APS School Talk, posted on the APS homepage and AETV, recorded on the hotline in English and in Spanish and called into local radio and TV stations.

For more information on APS inclement weather procedures, visit

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