Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Survey of Lee Heights

Did a quick walk of Vermont, Vacation, and Zackary Taylor park.  For the most part, it's superficial damage: lots of branches down.
  • The Community Bulletin Board at the west end of Zackary Taylor Park got blown apart.  Looks like maybe the wind got into the doors, and just rattled them till they ripped off.
  • Someone decided now would be a good time to leave a TV set on the curb.  Rather bad idea.  Storm debris jammed all around it.  
  • Most of the leaves that neighbors raked to the curb the day before the storm have now washed down into the storm drains *sigh*
  • Tree down at Vermont and Vacation.  Looks like it just took down that house's power lines. Other houses in the area still have power.

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