Friday, October 7, 2011

Career Center Student Team Voted Finalist in 72 Hour Film Festival

A team of students from the Arlington Career Center were voted as finalists tonight in the 72 Hour Film Festival taking place in Frederick this weekend.  Their film submission will be shown Saturday Night during the festival at the Weinberg Center.

Students from the Career Center Television 1 & 2 class formed a team known as the PUNishers  and entered the 72 Hour Festival in which they had, you guessed it, 72 hours to compose, record, and edit a new film creation.  On September 29,  they attended the launch at the newly opened Artomatic in Frederick.  In this years contest, each team was given two photographs: the starting and ending frame for their film.  Everything else would be of their own creation - but they had to start with that one frame as their starting scene and the other as their end.  Adding to the challenge, it would not not be the most photogenic of weekends as it rained the entire time.

Friday October 7 was the viewing of all of the film submissions, including 12 films in the student category.  The PUNishers submission was one of three student films selected as a finalist that will move on to Saturday.

The PUNishers film will soon be available online for viewing.

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