Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oct. 5 Meeting on Custis Trail Improvements

One of the truly great things about North Arlington is the ability to easily bike to work.  The Custis Trail along Rt 66 has become a major thoroughfare of bike commuter traffic all year long.  This is complemented by excellent bike lanes, bike rack on buses, ride on programs on metro, and the up and coming bike share program.  The ability to bike commute to work is one of the big reasons we chose to buy our house where it is.

Nevertheless, not all is perfect.  There is a place in the time space continuum where all traffic forces come together in a tumultuous splat.  That is N Lynn St.  To the car drive, that would be the intersection of Lee Hwy and Key Bridge.  To the bike commuter, that would be the intersection of the Custis Trail and "Please Dont Kill Me!" It is a horrifying crossing for a bicyclist, and bicyclists have been raising the issue with the county for decades.  Problem is, this point in the time space continuum is partly controlled by the County, partly controlled by the State, and partly controlled by the National Park Service.  Which of course means that there has been no control whatsoever.

This is a problem in need of a solution.  This is a time when we need to move beyond excuses.  The governments know that this is an insanely dangerous crossing.  Before another biker gets crushed by a car or truck, something needs to be done.

Title: Public Mtg: Lynn Street Esplanade & Lee Hwy./Custis Trail Improvements
Date/Time: October 5, 2011, 7:00 PM
Event Website:
Description: Arlington County has developed a proposal to rebuild the roadways, trail and sidewalks in the Rosslyn Circle area to improve public safety and to enhance access between Rosslyn and the Key Bridge. The proposed Lee Highway and Custis Trail improvements include trail upgrades along westbound Lee Highway (Route 29) between N. Oak Street and N. Lynn Street. Intersection improvements, lane reconfiguration, trail widening, curb extensions, wider curb ramps, signal modifications, and increased trail separation are proposed. Agenda will include a staff presentation of the project’s draft engineering plan and attendees are invited to comment on the design plan and potential alternatives.
Location: Arlington Temple Methodist Church, 1835 N. Nash St.
Location Website:
Transportation: Street parking is available nearby and the Rosslyn Metrorail Station is within one block.
Sponsor Name: Environmental Services
Contact Name: Tom Hutchings
Contact Phone: 703-228-3809

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