Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marine Corps Marathon at Lyon Village #MCM pics MM3

Mile Marker 3 of the Marine Corp Marathon was in Lyon Village this year.  The course led west on Lee Hwy, establishing a nice hearty climb to begin the course along the Arlington Hill.  The course then B-lined north down Spout Run, with Mile Marker 3 at Lorcum Lane.  There was a very health crowd of starbucks-drinking locals and dog walkers lining the route to watch the start. 

The first group to start were the Wheelchair and Hand Cycle group.

This was approximately 8 am.  The sun had not risen over the Arlington Hill yet.  The intersection of Lee Hwy and Spout Run was still in the shade, still cool, and still a good bit slick on this post-snow-storm October morning.  A group of visually impaired runners also came through.
Next was the big Marathon.  A river of runners flowed over the Arlington and down into Lyon Village sporting all manor of dayglo garb.
It was mile three, the sun was just pouring over the hill, and the runners by this time were running hot.  This means that the side of the road looked like a Goodwill Collection bin as runners were shedding layer after layer.  At this point it was only 36 degrees out.

It was at times hard to tell whether this was a marathon or a Halloween party.  There were many costumes in the race: Penguins, Bananas, Witches.... but the Award for Best Costume goes to the guy who was dressed up as a Wheaties Box, with himself at the featured athlete on the cover of the box (We Tip Our Hat to you Mr. Wheaties Guy!).

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