Friday, January 20, 2012

Arlington Bd Democratic Candidates by the New Media Numbers

Arlington County Board Democratic Candidates by the new media numbers. 

Candidate Twitter
Sites Linking
to Website
per Alexa
Melissa Bondi 134 142 3 9290
Libby Garvey 113 74 2 10,100
Kim Klingler 107 154 3 3640
Terron Sims 81 46 3 5810
Peter Fallon 20 51 1 3340

These numbers were captured Thursday January 20.

A portion of the counts are duplicative as many of the candidates are followed by the same people (I follow and like all of the candidates as does many other Arlington new media sources; the candidates themselves also follow each other). 

Candidates were sorted by the number of twitter followers.

Google Search Result was conducted with the following search: "CANDIDATES NAME" ARLINGTON COUNTY BOARD ELECTION   The Candidates name were typed in as they appear above.  The number on the chart is the number of results that Google said was produced.

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