Monday, January 23, 2012

OK We Learned A Lot Today.... The Arl Democrat Caucus and ROBO Calls

What we learned today is that Arlington political candidates are clueless about the Do-Not-Call List.  And the poorer their showing in the polls, the more clueless they were about the Do-Not-Call List.  And since Arlington political candidates appear to be so clueless, let's go over some basics:

The Do Not Call List is a registry maintained by the Federal Government.   Citizens who do not like, appreciate, enjoy, or welcome telephone solicitations can place their names on the list - and it is illegal for businesses to disturb dinner by calling those citizens.

Now the astute (but clueless) politician will argue, "yes, but the do not call list does not apply to political speech."  Sure, sure, this is true (you dumb ass).  But you miss the point.  While the FTC has stated,
Because of limitations in the jurisdiction of the FTC and FCC, calls from or on behalf of political organizations, charities, and telephone surveyors would still be permitted
 it is also true that citizens who place their names on the Do Not Call List have provided clear and conspicuous notice that they detest and despise the infernal invasions of telemarketers.  We hate telephone solicitations!  And if you call citizens who abhor telephone interruptions, you annoy them.  And (is this too complex) annoyed citizens wont vote for you.  And if you call them over and over and over and over and over --- and late at night --- you really annoy them.

Virginia Dels. Mark L. Keam and Jim LeMunyon have an idea.  What if politicians honored the Do Not Call list??
Offered January 20, 2012
Expressing the agreement of the members of the House of Delegates to not make robocalls in their political campaigns to persons who have indicated that they do not wish to receive such calls.
Patrons-- LeMunyon and Keam
Committee Referral Pending
WHEREAS, a robocall is a term for an automated phone call that uses both a computerized autodialer and a computer-delivered prerecorded message; and
WHEREAS, the proliferation of political robocalls can constitute an annoyance but the National Do Not Call Registry has exempted all political calls; and
WHEREAS, many persons have joined "do not contact" registries, such as the National Political Do Not Contact (NPDNC) Registry, which is a private, nonprofit entity that maintains a database of persons not wishing to receive robocalls and informs political groups of those persons not wishing to receive robocalls; and
WHEREAS, these efforts to avoid making robocalls to persons who do not wish to receive them are voluntary and should be supported; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, That the members of the House of Delegates voluntarily agree (i) to publicize the availability of the "do not contact" registries such as the National Political Do Not Contact Registry, (ii) to refrain from knowingly making robocalls during the course of their political campaigns to individuals who have registered with such registries, and (iii) to encourage all candidates for public office in Virginia to do the same.
Any chance Arlington political candidates of any party (Democrat, Republic, Green, Purple...) would pledge to abide by this resolution??
We learned a couple other things (like make sure you have paid your taxes).  Read Arlington County Board Caucus: Winners and Losers. Blue Virginia for some wise observations.  

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