Monday, January 16, 2012

Arlington County Board Candidate Kim Klingler on Cycling

The Donaldson Run Blog asked the candidates for County Board for their views on Bike Friendly Arlington, how cycling fits within the transportation solution, and whether they ride a bike to work.  Here is Kim Klingler's response:
I'm a strong supporter of cycling and believe that it plays a value role in our community. I believe we need to make sure cycling is safe for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians and that we do a better job of educating our community on the 'rules of the road.'  As a volunteer EMT, I have been in the unfortunate position to provide emergency care for bicyclists who have been struck by vehicles.  As a community, we need to address our most dangerous intersections, look to modifying traffic patterns, and ensure well thought-out bike lanes. 

I am very supportive of the Bike Share program and would like to explore making helmets available for participants, as I've noticed these cyclists do not usually wear helmets.  I also believe we need to better enforce road and trail rules.  I would support a day of education and enforcement to better educate drivers, pedestrians and cyclists of safe road/trail share. 

In addition to what I've already said, I would promote cycling by exploring better storage options for bikes, working with business and school communities to expand biking to work/school - beyond a single day, and looking into partnerships (private or volunteer) to clear trails after snow. 

I also will continue to support cycling events like the Phoenix Bike Ride.  I was one of the chief organizers of the 2nd Annual Phoenix Bike Ride in October 2011 and played a large role in fundraising, registration and obtaining door-prizes.  As a health care advocate and certified Cycle Reebox instructor, I will also promote cycling as a way for Arlingtonians to stay in shape. 

Yes, I ride a bicycle.  I have a Gary Fisher.  I don't currently commute to work by bicycle, but have in the past.  In my current consulting position, the office I work at is very unpredictable.  I commute between offices in NW DC, SW DC, McLean, Rosslyn and Rockville.  I did bike into Southwest D.C. in the past and was concerned for my safety.  The trails in Arlington getting to D.C. were fine, but then I had a difficult time safely navigating the city streets into the office.

I look forward to working with the cycling community to continue Arlington's designation as a "Bike Friendly Community" and make cycling safer for all.



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